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开工前,正信已提前对厂区、车间、仓库、餐厅等处的设施、设备进行清洁消毒, 并成功召回了本地员工435余人。所有返岗人员都配备了口罩,最大程度保障员工的安全。90%的办公室员工则采取了“云办公”的模式 ,保证流程及其他非生产类的工作也正常有序进行。






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ZNSHINE Solar Resumes Production After Virus Shutdown

ZNSHINE Solar factory has resumed production on the 11th of February after being approved by the Changzhou authorities. ZNSHINE Solar is one of the first factories in solar industry to resume production and is fully applying epidemic prevention measures.

Epidemic prevention measures have been significantly improved around the factory, ZNSHINE Solar has cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis the facilities and equipment in the factory area, workshop, warehouse, restaurant, etc.

Local workforce, about 450 people, have returned to full operation. All workers are equipped with protective equipment, have their body temperature checked and hands disinfection is also required before they access the working area to ensure their safety and health. Several of our office employees have adopted the "online office" model and are fully operative to ensure that processes and other non-production tasks are carried out normally and orderly.

“Thanks to ZNSHINE Solar's 30+ manufacturing experiences and sales networks helping speed up the delivery process of orders, we are able to minimize the potential impacts of this situation on customers’ needs, and we believe that we can successfully deal with the current situation. Please feel free to contact us by email if you have urgent orders.” said Liqian, Sales president of ZNSHINE Solar.

For inquiries, please send email to

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